Hit Me Hard (H.M.H)

Inner Dream

From barren lands in 2514, Ark raised as the first of a new, modern civilization layout. Its efficient use of space allowed an outstanding flow of traffic, being able to comfortably sustain an enormous population within its borders, and thanks to the power grid provided by the KEL-Net system, it’s affordable for just about anyone. After 500 years, the city acquired a second level, featuring further improvements to the layout. Thanks to its advancement and commodities, the Ark quickly became the “downtown” of earth, as a centre of commerce.

It begun as a fight club on the lower levels of the Ark, after slowly turning into the local tournament with its increasing popularity, it soon after became a legal, universally-known event: the widely acclaimed H.M.H. League, featuring unique fighters from all over the globe. The lightness of its rules is what made it so appealing for the big brands, who now sponsor the tournament and use it as a medium for field-testing new technologies. Staying true to its roots, the event showcases multiple locations of the Ark where the illegal fights used to take place.


David Escribano: Lead Artist

Alvaro Zabala: 3D character artist

Robert Bolaños: 3D artist – UI / UX Designer

Xingbo Lin: Rig / Animation

Ismael Gutiérrez: Lead Programmer

Pablo Martinez: Programmer

Christian Feigel: UX Programmer

Diego Chimienti: Sound effect designer and OST Composer 

Victoria Serrano: Game Design

Daniel Iglesias: Level Designer, FX – Technical artist, Production