Project Martin

GamerOn Studios

Project Martin puts us into Martin’s shoes, a 10 years old kid lost in a library captured by darkness.
Martin will run through the library to find his lost friend, facing darkness’ powers behind the spells.
To restore the harmony, he will need to wipe out the darkness from every bewitched zone with the help of his magical oil lamp.

With a strong storyline, Project Martin seeks on the one hand to encourage players to investigate and discover everything contained in the game. On the other hand, the action and suspense breaks with the usual tempo found in other games, which tend to forget gameplay and focus on the storyline.

The use of light into the darkness is a constant through the game. Martin and the magical oil lamp will evolve in the diferent rooms of the library, leading to unexpected changes in their abilities. For the first time, RTS and MOBA genres together in a videogame, with its two different gameplays: Commands an army as a classic RTS or take control of a MOBA hero in a battle arena.