Virtual Bandits

Stellar is a 3D space exploration game in which you’ll be controlling a low­poly stylized spaceship. This ship allows you to interact with the environment to discover secrets and conquer parts of the galaxy.

The game shows three important ideas that make exploring its world an interesting and fascinating task:

  • An unconventional universe: Every zone is handcrafted in an almost dreamlike surreal style. The goal is to minimize the emptiness of space but to keep its mystery and beauty.
  • Unique and friendly control scheme: Beautiful places to see is not enough. Travelling through these places needs to be just as satisfying. So we’ve designed a control system that brings the player closer to how real wings fly. Using your thumbs as wingtips will allow you to enjoy the game even doing simple tasks such as avoiding obstacles.
  • The impact of the player over the environment: In order to keep things interesting we need feedback from the game. We want to be able to feel that we are part of the universe we explore, that our actions have consequences. Therefore we have decided that environmental puzzles is the way to progress through the game. Our actions will trigger events that give us access to new areas, destroy older ones, or even change the behavior of the creatures that inhabit them.


Jesús Martínez Rodríguez, Programmer and Game designer.

 Alejandro Monzú Valdivieso, Artist and Game designer.

 Javier Guijarro Pardo, Artist ­ Visual effects.