Stephanie Ortiz – ¿de dónde eres?

El sociólogo David Pollock define a los Niños de la Tercera Cultura (NTC) como personas que han pasado una gran parte de sus años de desarrollo en una cultura diferente a la de sus padres, viajando constante- mente y siendo expuestos a cambios constantes.

Este proyecto explora la vida de una niña de la tercera cultura, su estilo de vida y las consecuencias que este estilo ha tenido en su vida y su personalidad.

A través de ilustraciones nos cuenta algunas de sus experiencias vividas y ciertas diferencias culturales que ha notado en los países en los que ha vivido.

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Shamir Padilla – VELOI RAIL

The high-speed railway is blossoming. In recent years, Asian and European countries have been expanding their railway network.

This is due to the immense progress and drive that high-speed trains contribute to the growth of a nation.

Spain is at the forefront of this means of transport, where the imminent opening of the industry will further encourage this type of service with the arrival of new competitors.

This project is attempting to make the most of this situation by creating a new high-speed concept based on the re-search of traditional railway values, which have been taken over by new concepts with no historical background. Through this research work, it is intended to bring the high-speed train back to the world where it really belongs: The rail industry.


Javier Leal – 6 anys en blanc

The Laus have become the most important awards in graphic design and visual communication of our country. Since its creation in 1964, they are organized annually by the Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of the FAD (ADG-FAD).

However, The Laus Awards could not be held for six editions, spec- ifically in the five years following its creation –1965-1969– and 1976. Graphic pieces and artists of those years are still not chronicled.

6 anys en blanc is an editorial project to create a solid base of six years withoutThe Laus Awards, and therefore the situation of graphic design in Catalonia and the pioneers of this profession at that time, through six volumes as tribute and recognition to the historical graphic designers and their creations, from a close and emotive point of view.


Eva López – ELP

This project is an exploration of the professional possibilities for a Graphic Designer in Animation’s world. This project is far from a purely visual nature and is seen as a project that brings the vi- sion of a designer, passionate about Animation’s world. A fusion of two vocations in a project, become portfolio, bringing together all the knowledge acquired over the past four years. A setback in the history of animation, to rescue the stories and contributions that marked the beginning of its history, forming an editorial, audiovisual, marketing design and digital project under the concept of animation like motion. A two-dimensional and look, transmit, feel and think of Eva López Piñeiro after a life in constant motion. For this reason the designer in an animation studio, defends the and merchandising.



Chida Vida

Chida Vida is a thrilling tactical turn-based puzzle game, powered by Unity, where the player will be immersed in the festive and colorful depths of the Mexican underworld, where he or she will have to face the inevitable foe “El Adversario” and find the way through a whole lot of dinamic mazes to get to the Golden Star and find salvation for “Cucuy”, our protagonist.


  • Miguel de Arístegui, Artist.
  • Martín Pane, Programmer.
  • Alejandro Boyd, Programmer.

Bloody Gears for Grease

Una vieja mansión victoriana construida sobre una antiguo santuario para atraer el
poder que manaba de aquel sitio con una maquinaria que extrae energía de la cueva
que hay bajo los cimientos de la casa. El pj deberá resolver el misterio de la
maquinaria para poder salir con vida de la mansión. ¿O quizá tenga otros planes?

Solo dentro del laberinto de la mansión donde ocurrieron las más horribles atrocidades en nombre de la ciencia se puede decidir si recorrer el camino con compasión o con crueldad. Según actúe así será juzgado el jugador en el final de la aventura. El protagonista de la aventura es J. Eikim un experimentado aventurero que viajó a las américas para conseguir fama y dinero pero renunció a un sueño roto por traiciones y desengaños para emprender el viaje de regreso y atender a una petición de un pariente lejano, ofrecía trabajo y algo más. Maduro, experimentado, aventurero, estilo cowboy americano. Este juego se trata de un formato de historia corta con múltiples finales que nunca ha sido llevada antes al videojuego.


Omar Sánchez: Designer.
Víctor Abarca. Programmer.

Demian Monreal: 3D Artist.

Arturo Fernández: 3D Artist.


Mateo Franco: 3D Artist.

Roberto González: 3D Artist.



Polarity is a cooperative Shoot ‘em up for two players, where two ships are moving, shooting and killing the enemies using the beam that connects them when they are in a different polarity. The synchronization between the players is vital to survive in a world full of enemies.

At the same time Polarity is space opera with two different ends that will change the past, present, and future history of the galaxy. Action, reflexes, black holes, time travels, star monsters, space pirates and the relationship between two women who will never know each other.


  • Daniel Castaño Estrella, Designer
  • David Chumilla Liccioli, Artist
  • Rubén Lozano Gomez, Programmer

Valhalla Rise: Chicken of doom

In Valhalla, the bravest vikings who have reached glory in fierce combat miss the true action of a fight.

For this reason, they star a competition in wich only the most strong warrior can succeed. In the name of Fenrir or Vidar, the brave Warriors must use all their skill to hunt the skilled chicken.


Javier Barreiro (Programmer)
Juan Luis Carrillo (Designer)
Álvaro de la Fuente (Artist)
Manuel Martín (Artist)
Juan Antonio Sánchez ( Programmer)
Sara Tardón (Artist)
Miguel Ángel Torres (Programmer)




Swapcase is a modular iPhone case, divided in three parts that can be arranged by the user in order to customize his phone acording to his tastes.



Alberto Carlier (Idea/Project Manager)

Carlos Bailón (Lead Programmer)

David Huertas (Brand Image)

Rodrigo Sañudo (Brand Image/Web)

Pablo Franco (User Experience)

David Chacón (Community Manager)

Iván Sobral Leiro (Interface Design)

Joan Albert Mendoza (Artist)

Eusebio Mayor (Programmer)




Demonized is a third person multiplayer action-rpg for PC, MAC and current generation game consoles developed with Unreal 4.

Join other players in the most thrilling missions and hunts on a dark fantasy world consumed by cruelty, atrocity and madness.

Discover countless hunters and creatures on the most unforgettable encounters and uncover their shocking storys.


  • Multiple multiplayer and campaign modes.
  • Great character and enemy diversity.
  • Variety of missions and scenarios.
  • Challenging, active and dinamic combat system.
  • Large customization and progression systems.
  • Great number of weapons and spells.
  • Dark and adult aesthetic.


Enrique Fernández-Peinado – Artist

David González – Artist

Jesús Fernández – Artist

Miguel Bárbara – Artist

Xabier Pujol – Artist

Daniel Comesaña – Designer

Pedro Traba – Designer

Álvaro Valle – Programmer

Ricardo Reguilón – Programmer

Roberto García – Programmer



Stellar is a 3D space exploration game in which you’ll be controlling a low­poly stylized spaceship. This ship allows you to interact with the environment to discover secrets and conquer parts of the galaxy.

The game shows three important ideas that make exploring its world an interesting and fascinating task:

  • An unconventional universe: Every zone is handcrafted in an almost dreamlike surreal style. The goal is to minimize the emptiness of space but to keep its mystery and beauty.
  • Unique and friendly control scheme: Beautiful places to see is not enough. Travelling through these places needs to be just as satisfying. So we’ve designed a control system that brings the player closer to how real wings fly. Using your thumbs as wingtips will allow you to enjoy the game even doing simple tasks such as avoiding obstacles.
  • The impact of the player over the environment: In order to keep things interesting we need feedback from the game. We want to be able to feel that we are part of the universe we explore, that our actions have consequences. Therefore we have decided that environmental puzzles is the way to progress through the game. Our actions will trigger events that give us access to new areas, destroy older ones, or even change the behavior of the creatures that inhabit them.


Jesús Martínez Rodríguez, Programmer and Game designer.

 Alejandro Monzú Valdivieso, Artist and Game designer.

 Javier Guijarro Pardo, Artist ­ Visual effects.



Nobody is an interactive first-person experience for indie followers, where the most important value is the visual experience and the immersive property above playability and the classical videogame simulation, where philosophy and the time lapse are the main characters.

Nobody introduces us to the survival horror through an exploration adventure.


Fernando Moral Pascual: 3D Artist, Game Designer, Programmer.

Lucas Pareja Almodovar: 3D Artist, Game Designer, Programmer.


Space Scape

A small high-tech robot is infected with a virus. When he embarks on a spaceship to be transported , it transmits the virus to the host . All spacecraft systems collapse and attack the occupants , including the little robot. He is programed to be efficient, and try to escape to another spacecraft on emergency case… which he will destroy again… and escape…


Sergio López Uceda Game Manager/3D artist

Enrique Boyero Vega Concept artist

Miguel Angel Ríos Llorente 3D Support



Just now.
Just here.
Just like that.

Randing is a free multiplatform app to chat with people who you don’t know, randomly from anywhere in the world .


Sergio Suárez Martín:

  • Programmer
  • Designer
  • Producer
  • Marketing



Hit Me Hard (H.M.H)

From barren lands in 2514, Ark raised as the first of a new, modern civilization layout. Its efficient use of space allowed an outstanding flow of traffic, being able to comfortably sustain an enormous population within its borders, and thanks to the power grid provided by the KEL-Net system, it’s affordable for just about anyone. After 500 years, the city acquired a second level, featuring further improvements to the layout. Thanks to its advancement and commodities, the Ark quickly became the “downtown” of earth, as a centre of commerce.

It begun as a fight club on the lower levels of the Ark, after slowly turning into the local tournament with its increasing popularity, it soon after became a legal, universally-known event: the widely acclaimed H.M.H. League, featuring unique fighters from all over the globe. The lightness of its rules is what made it so appealing for the big brands, who now sponsor the tournament and use it as a medium for field-testing new technologies. Staying true to its roots, the event showcases multiple locations of the Ark where the illegal fights used to take place.


David Escribano: Lead Artist

Alvaro Zabala: 3D character artist

Robert Bolaños: 3D artist – UI / UX Designer

Xingbo Lin: Rig / Animation

Ismael Gutiérrez: Lead Programmer

Pablo Martinez: Programmer

Christian Feigel: UX Programmer

Diego Chimienti: Sound effect designer and OST Composer 

Victoria Serrano: Game Design

Daniel Iglesias: Level Designer, FX – Technical artist, Production



Mutant Meat City

For the first time, RTS and MOBA genres together in a videogame, with its two different gameplays: Commands an army as a classic RTS or take control of a MOBA hero in a battle arena.

Social Competition: Play online in a cooperative and competitive environment

Asymmetric gameplay